Saturday, July 17, 2010

Norway. Installment #3 (Naked People Park)

More adventures of Norway.

Installment #3

Naked People Park.

This place REALLY is deserving of an installment all its own. No, it doesn’t have actual naked people. Use some common sense, it’s cold there! “Naked people park,” is actually called…

I just nicknamed it naked people park because well…

(I love this one. It's like a more manly Neo, fighting baby agent Smiths)

You get the idea. You don’t see much of this sort of thing in the US. Let’s face it, as “progressive” as our liberal extremists will try to make us out to be, we are on the whole, still stifling puritanical. Is it not sad that dating back to the renaissance doctors were not allowed to examine a woman from between above the ankle to below the neck for moral implications, yet they had plenty of art to show appreciation of the human form? But here, in all the PC propaganda, we can no longer construct or view ANYthing that shows beauty or diversity without someone making a fuss. And with our culture’s mindless cutting of art programs left and right in our school systems, there is very little nurturing of this type of expression to begin with anymore.

I took a great deal of pictures that first night’s walk through Vigelandsparken. But not all turned out. So, I just had to go back 2 more times. :) That’s right. It was one of my favorite spots. Dunno why. Maybe it’s just the artist in me. Maybe it’s because I saw the statues in a very different way than most seem to. Even in the iron work of the gates.

If you looked at those pictures and thought, “big deal, naked people.” Take another look at these following ones.

Young and old,

Love and Family,

Weary and Burdens







I’m not sure there was a single human emotion excluded from the artist’s work.

I’m glad this was one of the first places Josh showed me as it allowed me to know I wanted to, and would be able to, make multiple trips. In fact, if I lived there, I think a great deal of my time would be spent in this park with journal and pen.

The park was HUGE. A massive entryway that led to a bridge of sorts with statues guarding every turret. This led to a large square with a colossal fountain. (Which wasn’t turned on unfortunately. Is cold there.) Many paths and gardens spouted off in different directions from this spot. I can only imagine what the park looked like in full bloom of summer. It was beautiful enough in winter. I’d picture it as a very lush environment.

Once to the square you are only halfway to the center of the park, where this very phallic structure sits as focal point. I must say, those who speak the phrase “everything’s bigger in Texas,” clearly have never been to Norway.

Are you starting to see that giant monument is comprised of many different shapes? How about a closer look?

Ah, what a surprise, more naked people.

I never went any further than the center of the park. It was just THAT BIG. And once in the center There really wasn't that much more to see. Just a bunch of trails through a field for dog walking and such. And I was without dog... so... yeah. I wasn't going to walk this much farther.

Not when I looked back at the distance already journeyed to see THIS much.

The last day I had to venture about I revisited this location one last time. I was freezing, soaking wet, and tired. But I'll explain more of that day in another installment. For now, know that this picture, despite my not looking wholly enthused, I was having the time of my life. (Just a bit frozen as I had been outside in 33 degree rain for the last 3 hours.)

And yes that is a Raphael Ninja Turtle Hat I am wearing. ;)

And now, I will leave you with, Angry Baby.

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