Thursday, September 18, 2014

What is Swagbucks and Why do I Keep Talking About It?

(Skip to FAQ and Earning tips if you just want the short story.)

Okay, so getting down to the crux of things, I'm an adult student with no support from parents or family, and college education is very expensive--about 4,000 dollars per semester for tuition only.  (And that's at a State school!)  So, I need to be frugal about spending and any opportunity I have to make a little extra cash is something I pounce on.  After all, as an adult you have some additional obligations and bills that the average college student can get away without too much worry.  For example, I can't really comfortably live in the dorms with a meal plan.  I need an apartment, complete with furnishings, pot and pans, a car, etc...  However, flexibility is ALSO an issue as I need to work a schedule around classes, and group activities.  How have I done this so far?  I tutor at the Center for Students with Disabilities with the college I attend.  And while I can make my own schedule and have risen in ranks a notch or two now, it still only pays slightly above minimum wage and between work and school and homework I'm scheduled over 60 hours per week.  Of which I'm only getting paid 20 or so.   So how do I make ends meet?

Swagbucks helps.

There's a lot of conflicting opinion about Swagbucks out there.  (Mostly because some people think it's a get-rich-quick scam or pyramid scheme.  It's not.  I make about 75 dollars a month doing it in those little "down time" moments I have to spare in my day.  Mostly while waiting for class to start or a student to show up to our appointment.  Or even while watching TV sometimes (because I don't even really have to pay that close attention to what I'm doing with the site anymore.  Just a lot of pointing and clicking.)  But whenever I talk to someone about this I always seem to get the same questions.


How do you get paid?:
 In "gift cards," or so they're called.  But I usually select the PayPal gift card option, which deposits to my bank account after verifying with PayPal.  It takes about 10 days for this processing to go through but it's never failed me yet.

Is it a scam?:
No, I have been paid every time I've requested my rewards.  (But you do have to be patient for processing sometimes.  Remember they have THOUSANDS of prizes to process every day.)

How can they afford to pay people?:
Think of it this way--Have you noticed all the ads on facebook lately?  Do you realize how much money Facebook is making off of that?  Well, Swagbucks is a lot like Facebook, but without "friends" (or as much drama.)  It's a social hub that advertisers are paying for space on, and Swagbucks is giving you a cut of that money as a reward for clicking on links, or shopping at certain stores.  Swagbucks isn't really paying you, the advertisers are!

Do I have to enter a credit card or anything like that?:
 NO!  AND DON'T EVER DO THAT!  (See section about Special Offers, Shopping and Credit Cards at very bottom of screen.)

How much are Swagbucks "worth?":

Every 100 Swagbucks is about 1 dollar.  So it's a slow build, but think of it like putting change in a piggy bank every day.  It adds up FAST.

How do I sign up?:
Easy.  You can even connect it to your facebook account so you don't have a pesky login screen to type in each time.  But if you could do my a HUGE favor, let me refer you!  It will help us BOTH out in the long run.  (Referals earn 1 cent for every 10 cents you make outside of bonuses and similar earnings.)  All it takes is you signing up via this link:

If you have more questions please leave them as comments.  My referals will have priority in Q&A of course.


It took me a long time to figure out the ins and outs of the site on my own.  And there's still more to learn!  But these are some basics that will send you on your way and a step ahead of the rest.

The best/fastest ways I find I earn are...

1. clicking videos in the "watch" tab
      -Every ten videos you watch will give you 3 swag bucks.
      -You don't have to watch the WHOLE video.  Just wait for the little green circle on the "SB METER" at the top of the video screen to fill in and click the next one in line.
      -I keep sound off

2.  Play
      -There is a game called Swag Jump.  You will be awarded 2 swagbucks for every other game you play no matter how high or low you score.  Just grab about five icons in the game and you'll be good.
      -Swagjump is the fastest that you can play and "lose" without consequence.
      -There's a limit of 10 swagbucks per day for games. (In other words, 10 games earn 10 SB.)

3.   Search
      -Just like you do with Google search.  I usually sit back and just type in random words in the Swagbuck Search Bar.  Every so often it will reward me with anywhere from 5 to 30 swagbucks.  SUPER easy, I usually win about 10 each time.

4.   "Swag Guy" is on the front page.  And just a generic term the community gave this picture.
      -This one is a little trickier, but FAST.
      -I tend to keep this function up on half of the screen with the "watch" videos open on the other half.  (double your earnings/half the time.)
      -You will either have to sample watch a few seconds of videos, or one commercial then click it to "interact" with an add to earn 2 swagbucks.

5    Swag CODES
      -Follow Swagbucks on Facebook and Twitter or install the Swagbucks extension on your browser to be alerted to "codes"
      -There is a little "gear" icon at the top of your homepage where you enter it for free swagbucks.  (Usually 3 or 4 each code.)

6    Shop.
      -If you're going to shop at,,, etc.  You get cash back by letting Swagbucks refer you to those sites.
      -Installing the swagbucks toolbar extension for your browser helps to never miss one of these cash back opportunities too.  Everytime I visit a site that qualifies it asks me if I want to activate swagbucks shop and earn rewards before purchasing!  YAY!

7    SBMobile TV app
     -REALLY fast (skip feature) to earn 2 swagbucks every 5 videos.
     -Unfortunately, this is only good if you have a smartphone with free wifi connection and has a limit of 36 swagbucks per day.

8    Special Offers
     -There will be a tab that says "Discover" and "Special Offers is under that
     -Here is where you'll find a lot of videos and things that are worth a buck or two just for clicking on them.  EASY BUCKS!!!  (I like the "Radium One" tab in this feature.)
     -There are other "better paying" offers here too BUT PROCEED WITH CAUTION
     -Remember never enter a telephone number or credit card number unless REALLY MEANING TO.  Even for "trial offers"  They don't cancel on their own most times and you'll get a bunch of telemarketers calling your number if you aren't careful.  Just remember this is not Swagbucks collecting that info, but the advertisers Hiring Swagbucks to connect them to you.


    -Stay away from the surveys.  They are often pointless, really long, and usually "disqualify you" at the last second anyway.  SUPER FRUSTRATING!

    -Pay attention to your "daily goal" meter on the left hand side of the homepage.  
          *This is where the REAL bucks come in. If you meet your goal every day for 7 days, you will not only get your daily bonus but a winning streak bonus too.
          *Bonuses are credited to your account on the 5th of every month.  So anything you earn the rest of this month will be credited on the 5th of next.

    -Watch for CONTESTS.  (Usually seen as an icon at the top left of your home screen.)
          *You have to "sign up" or agree to be assigned a team.  But last month I got a bonus 100 swagbucks for being on the LOSING team. (The winning team got 500 I think.)

    -NEVER ENTER CREDIT CARD ----unless you're really meaning to buy something through the "Shop and Earn" feature.  (I stay away from all the "special offers" things.  It's very spammy.)
    -Redeeming for gift cards is tricky the first time and takes about a week to credit, so I was nervous my first time.  But just give them time to "process" your request.  You'll get your money!