Friday, July 2, 2010


I'm taking an intermission before my next bit about my experiences in Norway. But don't worry. There is much more coming. I have yet to cover my odd adventures getting lost the day I spent on my own, my trip to a movie theater, Naked People Park, and other various tales. I'll elaborate soon enough. With pictures too.

For now... Just to keep active, (as formerly promised to myself) I will take a second to share some folly.

There is an elderly Asian woman that comes into work every once in a while. She always chats me up, and tries to give me fortune cookies. A LOT of fortune cookies. She's a very sweet woman, and I like fortune cookies, so it works I suppose. :) It has turned into a bit of a ritual at work.

Now if you ask my mother, she would tell you that fortune cookies are not a game but a tool of the devil and shouldn't be.... blah... blah... It's right up there with magic eight balls and Ouija boards in her book. ...what book she's reading I have no idea. (However I will say I do not condone improper use of Ouija boards.)

I have never found anything truly mystical about fortune cookies. They are just a fun treat at the end of a yummy meal. And in my case, a great way to break up the day. A couple of my coworkers and I will grab a cookie each, and laugh at the slips of paper, sometimes mistranslated within. And sometimes we will grab a couple each.

On such one day I received this.

....huh. My digital camera just blew up. ...great.

"You will be unusual successful in business," is what it read. I laughed. I love when there are mistranslations. Especially when they can manage to spell "successful" and "business" correctly.

As I reached for my second cookie I laughed about it with my coworker and jokingly said, "and what the hell is THAT supposed to mean?"

No sooner did I finish the question did I get my answer. I looked down to the second fortune and read, "You will be unusually successful in business." This time fully correct. I'm not saying fortune cookies are mystical. I'm not saying it was magic. But it was certainly a hilarious coincidence. Worth a hard laugh at very least.

Of the 50 cookies in the bag to choose from... The odds of me picking THOSE two, (NOT duplicates but close) in the same grab, and reading them in THAT order. It just made my day. Sometimes, it's the little things.

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