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There are few things that irritate me in life more than the concept of hypocrisy. So, when I catch myself doing something hypocritical, I cringe more than you could ever imagine, beat myself silly with metaphorical floggings, and often lose some much needed sleep. That’s me. And I will be the first to admit that I am not some “above the margin” person. If I didn’t include myself in the grouping that would be hypocritical as well. We ALL have moments when we slip and do something that’s…. Wait. Lemme define “hypocritical” first.

We’ve all heard the word before. And it shocks me how many people don’t know what it means. No shame in it. But I want it to be clear before continuing. “Do as I say but not as I do.” It’s a case of, one person saying it’s wrong for another to do something but perfectly acceptable for them to do it, because they are somehow different.

Now there can be exceptions to the rule. Let’s say if there IS something different. For instance a parent tells their child not to drink alcohol, but will drink in front of the teenager. This can be considered acceptable as the child is not legally allowed to drink and the parent is.

Now same scenario, Parents lecture child at great length about drinking before legal age, but did so themselves before THEY were of legal age. This situation is mildly hypocritical, but acceptable as the parent now older and wiser understands how hazardous their choice was and is trying to convey those hard learned lessons to their child.

Now similar scenario, Parents lecture child that alcohol is evil and wrong and they should never drink it ever ever ever, for the entire child’s life, but Parents still go out and party every weekend.

THIS = Hypocrisy (In its fullest form.)

Now that is a fully make-believe scenario. But I have been encountering some hypocritical moments lately that just make my skin crawl. As I said earlier, we all have moments when we slip and break the rule, but when you encounter a person that their main character trait can be described with this word, there is a problem.

In the past few weeks, I’ve taken a lot of slander. There’s been a lot of talk behind my back, and a lot of lies distributed. And I’ve been informed that that person is using his favorite medium to try and further his belittling of me in public format now. Now I’m not writing this as a way to even the odds. I believe an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. But I will fall to MY medium of choice, writing, to perhaps defend myself some and perhaps to try and sort out some of my confusion as to how a person can be so hypocritical.

I’m an ultra liberal and YOUR not!

What? Can you run that by me again please? I really feel lately that “Liberal” has become a “Fad” rather than supported by those that embrace the spirit of “Freedom.” Please, please, please, DO NOT sit there and complain about everyone else not being nearly in support of the rights of, *insert; race, creed, sexual orientation, gender, lifestyle choices, wealth/poverty, or whatever controversial point you wish to here.

Sexual orientation.

Gay, Lesbian, Bi…. You support the fact that they should have the right to marry and you hate those that hate on them.

But I have heard you describe their activities as “gross” on several occasions and have told me the SAME story over and over and over about an argument between you and your sister concerning use of the word “gay” or “fag.” You claim that your sister lecturing you about your using these words in a negative way is fallible because the only reason she “pretends” to be a big “gay rights” supporter is because she has a lot of gay friends. Um…. How many do you have? Seems to me like she may have a leg up there and is more exposed to the GLBT community to know which is the proper use or not of the terms.

On the same type of front…


FOR THE LAST TIME!!! They are NOT “Orientals” they are “ASIANS.” I don’t care if you don’t know the difference implied between the two words you ignorant ass! THEY DO!!! They don’t like the term Oriental and you should not use it for that reason alone! It’s about respect. Plain and simple.

Let’s put this same line of thinking and apply it elsewhere. Let’s say a person has struggled with their weight all their life but not in the traditional sense. Let’s say no matter how they try, they cannot GAIN weight. They are too skinny. Now, if you know that it bothers them, and someone politely brought it to your attention that you should stop giving them compliments about how thin they are, would you stop? Or would you call the person that informed you stupid and tell them they didn’t know what they are talking about and being called skinny is a good thing and it shouldn’t bother anyone?

You don’t call someone something if they have politely asked you not to. End of story!


I’m a psychic. Um. Wait… NO! I’m NOT a psychic.

One sure fire way to piss me off quick? That would be to insult my beliefs. No matter how often you tell everyone I did, I never said I was a psychic. EVER. I cannot look into the future and just know things. And if I could? I wouldn’t want to. Have I known things without explanation before? Yes. It’s not the same. I didn’t ask for knowledge, and don’t know where it came from. And 9 times out of 10 it’s NOT knowledge I want. Accidents, Fires, Tragedies…. I don’t expect you to believe me, and I’m okay with it when people don’t. BUT DON’T spread lies about me and call me crazy for my beliefs and then turn around and complain that no one respects yours. That door swings both ways, and I’ve warned you time and time again that this is my one hot spot.

Never try and make me feel stupid for seeing a little magic in the world. How dry lonely and tasteless a world without a little magic in it must be.


You can NOT say in the same breath that women should have equal rights and then slam them for ALL being terrible drivers. (yes… I’m sure this is why insurance costs MORE for males under the age of 25.) And the other comments? “All women are selfish life sucking parasites.” Get off the fence buddy. Respect is a right. You can’t say women deserve respect and not give/believe it.

Lifestyle choices.

You’re a vegan? Congratulations. Go for it! (Even if your reasons for it conflict each other.) After all, it isn’t for animal rights but for health reasons…. Okay… But you won’t eat honey, even though it’s healthy, because the farmers will accidentally smash a few bees when harvesting…. …wait… what???

Whatever. It’s your body, it’s your life. But it is insulting when you act like I don’t know how to cook when you butt in on a conversation I’m having because I said cooking for a vegan is hard. Mixing the actual ingredients? Never difficult for me. I know how to cook and cook well. I can do it in my sleep. Having to read every single ingredient label because I tend to like to cook from scratch? And then have to track down vegan friendly substitutes? And then make 2 meals instead of 1 because I think eating all those chemicals is what’s unhealthy? THAT is hard.

But even ALL this I can forgive. But please don’t sit there calling people “dirty hippies,” you ultra liberal, shaggy haired, tufu eating, atheist, hypocrite!

Interests. Yes, even interests.

I've thought it over and, dude? You are WAY too into Star Wars. And this is coming from someone that has an 8 foot wide Star Wars Banner on their bedroom wall. Your liking of Star Wars on an obsessive level isn’t what bothers me. But how DARE you constantly criticize those that are into Harry Potter or Twilight. Just because it isn’t YOUR thing, It doesn’t make it WRONG, just not for you. No, your right. I’m sure that getting 9 year olds interested in reading with material they feel they can relate/escape to, is a horrible horrible thing.

You have every right to not like something. But leave those that like things alone please. I’m sorry if you feel these books are stupid and are covering the same material as more eloquently verbed tomes. And, 9 year olds are supposed to build thought process and interest in reading those harder texts, how? They were written for children. And if you’re going to bash the adults for liking them? Well… I have one question to ask you. Whoooooooooo lives in a pineapple under the sea?

That’s right bud. Back off. If you want people to respect your multitude of star wars tattoos and your green lantern t-shirt, leave others alone! Stop complaining that people pick on you for being a geek, when you're just doing the same to others.

just to drive the point home...

So, hypocrites. Next time you want to sit down and rant about how stupid something is, and by association a person is for believing, or liking, or whatever the case may be…. Or next time you want to expound on the many many reasons a person is wrong for belittling YOUR beliefs, or interests, take a moment. Stop to wonder if MAYBE just MAYBE it’s because you don’t respect anyone else. And if you are constantly bitching about how everyone but you is stupid, non-genuine, or slander the opposite sex, then you most certainly do not have claim to bitch about how lonely you are. After all. You should be happy. No one is anywhere near good enough for you anyway, right? You’re king or queen of the whole wide world.

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