Monday, September 5, 2011

And Now for Something Fun.

I love when people think outside the box and manage to put new twists to old favorites.  Rewrites of old Fairy Tales have special appeal for me.  But I couldn't resist sharing this bit I came across this morning.

While researching Pirates and their pets I found this quirky bit of inspiration taken from Popeye the Sailor Man as applied to Blackbeard the Pirate.  This creative version claims that the infamous pirate Blackbeard had an arch nemesis named Popette, whom would call Blackbeard "Blue Toe" for a disfigurement gained after breaking a toe in their first fight.  A fight over the daughter of a man that made his fortunes in the Olive Oil trade.  Another fight supposedly cost Popette an eye to Blackbeard's dagger, and he began consuming Marijuana to ease the pain and took to believing it gave him "super strength."  I have to wonder if this were the case, if parents would be so eager to encourage their children to eat their “spinach” like Popeye.  :D

I especially enjoy the attention to detail they added by including the illustrations.

Sure there's nothing in here that can suggest that ANY of this is true.  But in the legendary world of pirates, filled with tales of gold, mermaids, and fountains of everlasting life...  Is it really any more THAT far fetched?  At very least, it added a smile to my day.

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