Friday, November 2, 2012

Fashion Industry is a Brilliant Lie.

I love when conversations spawn odd silly thoughts that you can't help but continuously ponder for days on end.  The most recent of conversations to inspire this was about clothing.  More than that, the evils of clothing.  No, I'm not going to tell tale of a rogue argyle sweater that roves the countryside on a blood thirsty killing spree.  ...Though I'm tempted.  I've heard worse plot starters.  But no.  I'm talking about the superficial judgments they inspire.

The Amish, after all, make a point of wearing very plain uniform clothing to avoid that whole "Pride" problem.  Everyone is equal.  And isn't that often the point of school uniforms as well?  And what about in the workplace?  The peons all get one uniform, and usually management is encouraged to dress differently and "nicer," until you reach the head of the corporation who is presenting in full Armani.  Yup.  Clothing is by nature designed to give status as well as sex appeal.  The more successful you are, the better dressed and more sex appeal you are expected to have.

Where we're going, we don't need clothes.

In one of the few discussions I was having this week, the idea of a world without clothes was proposed.  A world where everyone is equal and you can't tell a millionaire from a peasant by sight alone.  A world where men have to take responsibility for their own actions rather than blaming rape on a woman "asking for it" because of what she was wearing.  Or a world wear people aren't shot just because they are wearing baggy pants or a hoodie.  Now, I know this is not always going to be the case.  And yes, there is the issue of people feeling bullied for their natural physical form, and I can COMPLETELY understand that.  (Despite the fact that I feel ALL natural forms are beautiful, whether fat or thin, lanky or squat.)  I'd like to be able to say that maybe having everyone on a more equal ground would help us get away from judging others.  But I'm sure that isn't true, as another more different conversation I had this week revolved around People of Walmart .com and ripping people unfortunate enough to be posted to the sight a new one.  But before I get off track...

So, what I find ironic about the fashion industry, is the higher end fashions, are designed in a way that can make you SO attracted to the individual wearing the fashion that you pretty much want to see them naked.  ...I'll restate that.  We wear high fashion clothes, so that people will want to see us naked.  Maybe its just me, but I feel we could skip a step or two and a lot of time and money in that by just cutting to the chase.  ;)

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