Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A nasty computer virus, "Security tool."

OK! There is a nasty virus going around. It hits without prompt, and is usually called Security Tool 8, or is disguised as some other "anti virus" scam thing warning you about harmful material on your computer. I have had several friends attacked by this monster that locks down your system and make your computer about as useful as

a brick.

I will tell you how to fix it.

So try and remember these steps. Copy and past them in a word document if you need to. You will be able to access those directions if you can remember to start your computer in safe mode.

1 restart your computer in safe mode by pressing f8 while it is booting.

2 once your desktop is up in safe mode, (you will see "safe mode" in each of the corners of the screen.) open your start menu.

3 select "all programs"

4 select "accessories"

5 select "system tools"

6 select "system restore"

7 Your computer should now prompt you with a series of dates in which you can default the restore to. I suggest selecting yesterday's date. It will take a minute for it to take effect, but your computer should reboot in regular mode and if all goes according to plan, should be okay now but I recommend running a virus scan after this as well. You can never be too safe, and have had friends still mind malicious ware on their computers even after this restore process.

Restoring your system to yesterday's date should NOT affect any of your word documents or such. Only program discrepancies. So don't worry about losing your homework or business presentations. It should still be there when finished.

Hope this helps those of you that encounter this bogus bug.

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