Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More active, post one. The Pool.

I'm going to be more active with this blog. My New... Old... Year's resolution.

Let's just round to Summer Solstice, shall we?

I have a pile of things I've been meaning to blog about.... but, for one reason or another... haven't. Including tales about my trip abroad. I still promise to elaborate on my fabulous experience out there.

For now... I think I'm resolved to doing a multitude of short blogs more often, rather do longer blogs which are too much pressure that they build up and never get done.

So... with that said.

My Trip to the Pool Today.

Sitting in the apartment, I didn't get nearly as much of the to do list accomplished that I had intended. Some of it... Not enough.

So. I grabbed my journals, a trusty pen, and I went down to sit at the pool to lessen the distractions. Or so I thought.

While there, there was a mother with a baby and her pre-teen son. The mother was EXCESSIVELY inattentive, and let the baby do whatever it like. PLEASE NOTE, just because you strap water-wings, and a flotation suit on your 2yr old, does NOT mean you do not have to pay attention. I watched in horror as this poor kid waddled around looking for attention from ANYONE but its mother. Took toys from other babies... Food from teenagers... Rummaged through purses.... RAN at full speed, which had me wanting to grab hold of her before she ended up with road rash on her forehead... I was a nervous wreck watching it all unfold.

The drawing point was when after the child stole a squirt gun from another group of children and wound off floating off by itself, placed the gun in her mouth, Hollywood suicide style, and seemed to be trying to pull the trigger.

It was insanely prophetic seeming, and I could no longer watch. NOR could I listen to the mother's CONSTANT calling of the child's name, but complete disinterest in actually correcting any of the child's behavior or willingness to play with her own daughter.

The most action I witnessed in the hour's display, was the mother occasionally telling her SON to do something about his sister.

It was clear that the people the baby was constantly approaching were getting irritated while they seemed to babysit, as the child's mother lounged and drifted in the pool.

It was very disturbing to witness... as well was the baby's dark tan that suggested it had never worn sunscreen a day of it's life. I'm afraid I may have gotten cancer by just looking at it.

For all you out there lucky enough to have families and little ones. TREAT THEM WITH LOVE! Do not take them for granted or expect others to do the work for you. You made the decision to be a parent. Now make the decision to be a GOOD parent. Please! Your child is counting on you.

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